Why should you store equipment indoors?

The four seasons all have different affects that deteriorate the looks and mechanical condition of your equipment.

SUMMER equals Heat and the UV Rays are extremely harmful to exterior finishes as well as upholstery.

FALL brings those pesky leaves that fall on your equipment and with a little moisture creates a molding or mildew effect to whatever they may fall on.

WINTER brings freezing temperatures that can damage engines, cracking of plastic lines and moisture that tends to permeate into everything.

SPRING brings those warm days and cool moist nights which create humidity that causes mold and mildew. This is the reason your equipment should be stored indoors year round.

Recreational equipment is very expensive. Not only to purchase but to maintain and store when not in use. These costs are just part of the joys in owning recreational toys. To keep your investment looking like new you should keep your equipment indoors out of the weather.